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Testing & Measurement
DC Optics utilizes a variety of measuring and testing devices for confirming specifications of optical components.

Surface Figure Measurement

different interferometer systems, e.g. shine optics interferometer

Measurement of Angular and Geometrical Tolerances

Precision goniometer (+/-1 arcsec)

Centration Measurement

Centration test systems 

Surface defect inspection

100% testing

According to DIN ISO 10110 and MIL Standards

Spectral Measurement

· Shimadzu IRAffintity-1s Spectrometer

· Hitach UV4100 Spectrometer

· Olympus USPM-RUIII Spectrometer

· BCLS UV2000 Spectrometer

· 7502 Large Sheet Spectrometer

· 723 Large Sheet Spectrometer

Durability Testing

Wipe-resistance test unit

Photo-goniometer measurement station

Climate chamber (temperature -75...+180°C; humidity 10...98%)