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Production and testing of high quality thin film optical coatings

Our range includes both conventional standard coatings and also high quality special coatings for specific purposes.
The coatings capabilites listed here are intended to provide insight into our customary product offerings. We also welcome custom coating opportunites that meet your more challenging requirements. We use the latest coating systems including the Optorun OTFC-1300 and Shincron BLS-1300DNN with plasma ion-assisted deposition.
AR Coatings
Anti-reflection coatings reduce reflection of optical surfaces. DC Optics produces broadband anti-reflection coatings for different spectral ranges form UV up to IR.
Mirrors and Reflectors (metallic)
Aluminum reflects about 90% at the visible spectrum
Silver reflects about 95% at the visible spectrum
Damage Thresholds
         -Al :0.4J/cm^2@1064nm

Mirrors and Reflectors (Dielectric Coatings)
This type of optical coating is deposited onto a substrate and constructed from multiple thin layers of transparent dielectric materials with high and low refractive index alternated. It is also called interference coating. The reflectivity can be increased to greater than 99.99%.
Beamsplitters either as cubes or plates can be used to separate incoming light in two intensities, polarizations or wavelength ranges. For analytical purposes a portion can be separated from the incident beam or a selected wavelength can be extracted from or coupled into the optical path. The variety goes from simple plates to sophisticated beamsplitter assemblies.
Chrome coatings
Chrome coatings are mostly used for deposition of scales on optical glasses. DC Optics produces scales made of High Reflective Chrome (HRC) or Low Reflective Chrome (LRC). These narrow- or broadband coatings can be used for applications in VIS or NIR range.
Laser Safety Filters
For example, in ophthalmology instruments, laser safety filters block the therapy laser with high optical density, while showing a high transmittance for the image of the patient’s eye background. A sophisticated filter design with narrow blockband and balanced transmission level over the full visible range optimizes color rendering. The beamsplitter controls transmittance and reflectance for both therapy and target laser. The hardcoated filters are longterm stable and available in flexible dimensions.
Laser Mirrors
We are able to supply high reflective mirrors and the reflectivity is greater than 99.9 % from 0° to 45° at 1064 nm for all polarizations. Which coatings have lower defects. In fact, low defect mirror surfaces reduce scattering and absorption which increases the laser damage thresholds significantly.
Laser protection lens
Laser protection lens are mainly used in laser cutting and welding machines to block or prevent high temperature spatter damage the high value laser focusing lens, but can not weaken the laser output energy, as the last optical part is placed in the work area.
Substrate: Fused Silica or H-K9L, with BBAR coating both sides, and high LIDT of 6000-10000W.
Advantages: Hard coating; High adhesion, Heat-resistant, High transmittance, High LIDT, Low reflection, long service life, etc.
Conductive and Transparent Coating
Indium-Tin-Oxide (ITO) is a widely used material for thin film coatings with electrically conductive and optically transparent properties. The reflectance of light on interfaces or surfaces of an ITO layer may be reduced considerably by integrating it into an anti-reflecitve multilayer – a so called Index Matched ITO (IMITO).
Busbars Coating
Busbars Coating is a solderable multilayer coating of gold/copper/alloy-based, that can be applied to sapphire, quartz glass and crystals as well as to ceramics and similar materials.
Dichroic (DC)
Provide wide regions of both transmission and reflection. They exhibit a high degree of polarization along with a somewhat shallow transition slope.
Dichroic Mirror (DM)
Feature a steep transition slope, minimal polarization effects, a wide region of reflection, and a limited region of transmission.
Dichroic Reflector (DR)
Provide a steep transition slope, low polarization, a wide region of transmission, and a limited region of reflection.
Long-pass (LP) and Short-pass (SP) Filters
Barrier or edge filters transmit only above or below a certain "cut-on" or "cut-off" wavelength and continue to transmit over a wide spectral range. These filters can be designed for use in reflection or transmission mode. They can also be combined in a single assembly to form a band-pass filter (as in Rapid Bands).
Relevant Specifications-
Cut-On/Cut-Off Edge—the wavelength of the edge at 50% of the maximum transmission of the filter.
Edge Steepness—the slope of the edge between reflection and transmission.
Reflection Range—the spectral region in which the filter does not transmit.
Optical filters transmit a certain portion of light spectrum and block the rest. We can offer dichroic filters, short‐pass filters , band‐pass filters and neutral density filters.

Testing equipment

   Transmission, Reflection, Absorption
Spectral photometer for the wavelength range from 2500nm to 25000nm, with accessories for the measurement of transmission, reflectance and absorption
Spectral photometer for the wavelength range from 175nm to 330nm able to measure the transmission.
Spectrometer for the wavelength range from 380nm to 780nm able to measure the reflectivity and color of flat, spherical, aspherical and very small surfaces

   Humidity & Temperature Change
Climate test chamber for humidity 10...98% and temperature range -75...+180 °C
Tests according to:
MIL-C-48497A / s., MIL-M-13508C / s. 4.4.7, MIL-C-675/ s. 4.5.8 (rel. humidity >95% for > 24h)
MIL-C-48497A / s., MIL-M-13508C / s. 4.4.4 (temperature -62°C to +72°C)

   Abrasion Resistance & Adhesion
Tests according to:
MIL-C-48497A / s., MIL-M-13508C / s. 4.4.5, MIL-C-675 C / s. 4.5.11, etc.(Cheesecloth test, Rubber test)
MIL-C-48497A / s., MIL-M-13508C / s. 4.4.6, MIL-C-675 / s. 4.5.12, etc. (Tape test)