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We are your partner in the production of custom optical systems from the UV to IR.
Assembling of optical systems

Assembly and Adjustment
▶ Assembly of optical components using screw-in ring (filler frame) or epoxy
▶ Assembly and adjustment of complete lenses for a variety of customer-specific systems
▶ Prototypes and pre-production runs
▶ Serial production and delivery
▶ Alignment turning of mounted lenses
▶ Focal length and image quality measurements on optical systems and mounted mirrors
▶ MTF measurements
▶ Measurement of lateral (or transverse) and the longitudinal chromatic aberration
▶ Stress evaluation performed using a polariscope
▶ Alignment measurements using focused AKT (autocollimating telescope)
▶ Spectral measurements of transmission, reflection and absorption including scattered light of assembled systems
▶ Characterization and analysis of wavefronts
▶ Centration measurement
▶ Environmental tests according to MIL standards
▶ Comprehensive test reports for FAI (first article inspection) or serial measurements

Spectral Measurement
▶ Hitach UV4100 Spectrometer
▶ BCLS UV2000 Spectrometer
▶ 7502 Large Sheet Spectrometer
▶ 723 Large Sheet Spectrometer

Durability Testing
▶ Climate chamber (temperature -75...+180°C; humidity 10...98%)
▶ Abrasion Resistance & Adhesion
Development Partners
DC Optics relies on strong partnerships of counting on the close cooperation with scientific institutes, universities, and other partners. Those partnerships allow our teams of engineers to develop innovative solutions, extended detection capability, tailored to the individual requirements of our customers.