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Single lens and doublets lens made to clients´ specifications
Laser mirror substrates and other spherical mirrors
Main Specifications

Item Parameters
Diameter ∅5~∅350mm
Diameter Tol <±0.03mm
Thickness Tol <±0.03mm
Surface Accuracy λ/5@ 633 nm
Surface Quality 60-40/10-5(MIL)
Centering ≤30″
F.L. Tol ±2%
Chamfer ≤0.3×45°
Effective Aperture >90%
Coating According to customer requirements
Substrate Materials
Optical glass, fused silica & crystals
IR and UV materials (e.g. Ge, Si, ZnS, ZnSe, chalcogenide glasses, CaF2, MgF)

Technical Equipment
750 Plane Milling Machine
Milling Machine for radii
Grinding and Fine-grinding Machine
Polishing Machine
Centering Machines
Chamfer Machine
Mechanical Machining
Accurate Cutting to Final Dimensions
CNC Machine
Drilling Machine
Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Cementation and Assembly
cementing with cover glasses or other components
edge painting
assembly in frames and mounts
assembly of subassemblies or complex systems
Development Partners
DC Optics relies on strong partnerships of counting on the close cooperation with scientific institutes, universities, and other partners. Those partnerships allow our teams of engineers to develop innovative solutions, extended detection capability, tailored to the individual requirements of our customers.