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Telescope Reticle series
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Geodetic Surveying Reticle Series
Astronomical Phenomena Reticle Series
Medical Instrument Reticle Series
Raster Plate Series
Grating & Coder & Modulators Series
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Main Specifications

Items Parameters
Coaxiality +0/-0.03mm
Line thickness 0.008>=0.003mm
Surface Quality 10-5
Coating Plus AR and BBAR
We have the expertise and the technical facilities to carry out the entire production process in house:
Production of photo masks
All micro lithographic procedures
Chrome coatings and broad-band-AR-coatings
Machining of glass and ceramic substrates
Cementing and assembly and testing.
This ensures a consistently high quality of graticules, scales, reticles, pin holes, apertures, calibration plates, resolution targets and others in single pieces and small batches as well as in high-volume serial quantities.

Depending on your specific application, you have the flexibility to select amongst a variety of substrate options and surface finish quality. 


Optical glass (B270, D263T etc.)

Development Partners
DC Optics relies on strong partnerships of counting on the close cooperation with scientific institutes, universities, and other partners. Those partnerships allow our teams of engineers to develop innovative solutions, extended detection capability, tailored to the individual requirements of our customers.